How to travel the World on a Budget

the worldWe tour this world in many ways; be it using cruiser ships, cycling, trekking, use of flights, racing among others. It is a common misconception that long-term or frequent travel is expensive. Traveling the world depends on how you budget, the frequency of your trips, where you are planning to do and what you plan on doing once you get to these destinations.

Any long-term and frequent traveling is more of a lifestyle. One thing I promised myself is to take off from my busy job at towing service in Centreville and travel the world as much as I can this year- and yes, it’s possible. It involves proper budgeting and saving money to accomplish your goals. Here, we have researched to you effortless ways you can use to make your travel less pricey.


Choose the Right Destination

The cost of your travel will largely be determined by the destination you choose to tour. For backpackers, South and Southeast Asia are among the most visited and popular destinations in the world. Living and traveling to these places cost a fraction of what it would normally cost if you choose to head to Europe or even the United States. In actual fact, you may even spend less on traveling to Asia than it would cost you if you stayed at home.


Fund Your Travel

The first way to fund your travel is saving money in advance. Find out how much it will cost you to travel. Research about the cost of living and other associated travel costs and put pennies aside that can help you achieve your traveling goals. You can use a money tracking app to make your saving easier and monitor your expenses.

Work as You Travel

travelYou can work while you travel. Because your savings may quickly run out, find ways in which you can work as you travel. You can work remotely or apply for a short-term work, depending on the duration of your stay and what you need to work on. Additionally, you can try freelancing which can help you get some extra money while on the move.


Choose Accommodation Wisely

You will spend a good percentage of your money on accommodation and so you need to choose wisely where to stay. There are leading online sites such as Airbnb and Booking, which can help you compare different accommodation options. For accommodation, consider options such as couch surfing, house sitting websites, self-contained accommodation, and price comparison websites among others. Also, so not make early bookings. You can opt for last minute discounts that come with a late booking.

Flight Hacking

Devise a perfect flight hacking mechanism. Flight hacking refers to the act of finding cheap flights. Ways you can use to achieve flight hacking include; booking your flight in advance, flying on weekdays and using price comparison websites to find cheap flights. When purchasing a flight, clear your browser cooking or consider browsing incognito mode. This helps prevent flight sites from tracking your visits and raising the cost of your flight.

When you get to your destination, be sure to save on transportation. Note that the slower the transportation, the less you spend. Do not be in hurry to reach your destinations while touring from one place to another.