Reasons You Need to Make New Zealand Your Next Travel Destination

wellingtonNew Zealand is a tiny country that is made up of two rather remote islands, and many other smaller ones. It has a population of just above 4 million people. This country remains one of the most toured places in the world. For solo travelers, New Zealand is a safe and friendly haven, that has breathtaking beauty around every corner.

The remote location of New Zealand ensures that the natural beauty it possesses is well protected for the millions of tourists who flock to this location. There is no a better place to visit than New Zealand and here are the reasons.


New Zealand is safe, and the country consistently rates as one of the safest countries in the world. There are very high standards of health and safety regulations for tour operators to ensure safe and reliable transport methods. The lack of corruption makes the country a perfect travel choice for those traveling alone.

Scenic Beauty

cyclingNew Zealand has a diverse landscape of glaciers, mountains, beaches, volcanoes, rolling hills, rain forests, gorges and valleys that are all packed into a tiny area that equals 2.7% of United States. In a single day, you can go hiking in the southern Alps, to watching the sunset on the beach. Tourists can visit up to 90 days without trouble. The country has some of the best hiking trails in the world.

Easy to find Everything on a Budget

It is quite easy to find everything you need at almost one place. New Zealand gives travelers information on everything they need. It has locations of campsites, maps and things to do. Tourists are also given information on LPG fill ups, wifi, groceries, public shower, dump stations among others. At this country, you can do a lot on a budget. There are low-cost campsites while others a free. You can stay clean on a budget or even cook your meals.

Friendly People

When it comes to positivism, the Kiwis will rarely let you down. They are a far more relaxed bunch of individuals. They make friends for life. You will naturally feel more inclined to them because of they way they open up for chatting. They create a perfect environment to meet open minded travelers who are on an exploration journey. They will welcome you with a cup of tea and introduce you to all the areas you need to know. Tour guides and friendly and very welcoming. They will explain to you all you need to know on matters pertaining traditions and culture.

Plenty of Activities to Do

New Zealand is among the best places in the world to see the stars and do a lot of different activities. You can go bungee jumping, in a country full of adrenaline junkies. New Zealand is also divided into ten major wine tasting regions. The country has become one of the major new world wine producers. An excellent way to sample and go wine tasting is through taking a cycling tour through the vines and stopping at different vineyards for tasting. Across the towns of Queensland, you can find various national Parks for a wildlife experience.