Top 5 Adventure Experiences to Try In New Zealand

New ZealandThere is a reason New Zealand is one of the world’s top tourist destinations; it has so many places that can make your holiday. Indeed, anyone who has been there will agree that it is a fantastic place, Whether you want to visit the beaches, go on towing adventures, outdoor at the mountains or try adrenaline activities, New Zealand has a lot to offer. But you would ask yourself, why is it so admired? Well, the answer is simple. The country has spectacular scenery, a diversified culture, very hospitable locals and quite a pervasive feeling of adventure. It is a place where you will find experiences not so common in other countries. Some of them are discussed below.

Visit Hobbiton

New Zealand is a favorite destination for those who love filming. There is a reason why some of the world’s most populous movies have been shot in the country. The Lord of the Rings was filmed in Hobbiton by Peter Jackson. Hobbiton is the home of fun; you can have nice tours, photo shooting, and when you get hungry, the dishes there are amazing. Just have a visit and you will certainly never regret.


Visit Queenstown

Undoubtedly, there are only a few places in the world that can match the fun you will have in Queenstown. Strategically placed in a very accessible area, as you approach the town, you will be having a welcoming feeling from afar. So many activities can be done here; you can go for boating, skiing, biking and hiking. Are you a wine lover? Do not worry, there are wine tasting events all over the town and you can always attend several during your stay here.


Watch the Haka

HakaIn typical terms, the Haka is a traditional war dance that is usually performed by the Maori, an indigenous community of New Zealand. It is performed in major events and cultural centers. Indeed, if you are lucky to watch a rugby game for the national team, the chances are high that you will see the player performing Haka


Fly from the trees

If it is adventure, it means so; and New Zealand is never short of it. Talking of Skywire, it is the longest flying fox in the world and you can soar through treetops 150 m on top of the forest for an estimated 3km. this ride will take forward and backwards to let you enjoy the ride perfectly


The Milford Sound

In this place, you can enjoy a perfect boat tour along the beautiful waterfalls and the full-flowing cascades. You will be hearing some fur seals squeaking through the rocks. Driving along the scenic Milford road is another experience you won’t be forgetting soon.