Top Outdoor Experiences You Can Find in New Zealand

Enduro Cross Quad Motocross AtvLife in New Zealand is tied to great outdoors, and a visit to this country would not be complete without having to spend a fair chunk of your time adventuring. Anyone looking for thrill and excitement needs to head out to New Zealand, the home of adventure tourism. The mountainous ranges of New Zealand present a challenging scenery for nature lovers. To beat its course, you have to be well prepared. You don’t want to ride up with your Wrangler to these slopes and get stuck. It may take time to get an emergency towing service to come to your rescue. Study a map of the places you are looking forward to the adventure and prepare adequately for the same.

New Zealand is jam packed with adventurous things to do. What tops the list of many vacationers is to explore the country’s magnificent landscapes and coastlines. For adventure lovers, there are myriads of things to do, starting from extreme sports, bungy jumping, jet boating, rafting, zip lining, just to name a few. If you find yourself in New Zealand, here are some adventure activities you can take part in;

Bungee Jumping

For many vacationers who come to New Zealand, bungy jumping has almost become a must sport. You need to take a heart-stopping leap of faith to participate. The first commercial bungee operation was set in the 1980’s by a couple of young kiwis. It involved a jump from the famous Kawarau Bridge near Queenstown. Since then, New Zealand has become king to bungee activities, with numerous operators picking up the sport. All over this country, you can leap from climbs, bridges, rail viaducts and other platforms specially made for the game.

Zip Lining

zip liningThe growing popularity of zip lining entails an exciting mix of an adrenaline rush, speed, and nature. In New Zealand, zip lining is essentially an adventure thrill ride. It was started out of necessity and invented as a method of fast transportation across rivers, canyons and other impassable areas.

To create a zip line, pulleys and cables are threaded between different points at a slight angle. Gravity is then used to provide the momentum needed for pulling the rider from one point to another. New Zealand is home to spectacular zip lining experiences. Visitors can glide through magnificent native forests and across canyons and rivers, for a breath-taking experience.

Off Road Riding

All you need is to buckle up, hold yourself tight and head out on a scenic wilderness for an off-road adventure. New Zealand has a comprehensive network of back-country roads and off tracks. You can also try your luck and riding skills on colossal dunes on famous spots such as Ninety Mile Beach in Northland.

Quad Bike Safaris

If you want to see the scenic beauty of New Zealand without having to slow down, the Quads are the way to go. You can hop aboard on a four-wheel motorbike and go for an adventure tour. You will get an excellent sightseeing experience as well as an adrenaline rush. The best place to go for quad safaris includes along the sand rides of Muriwai Beach, just outside the Auckland City.