Where to Visit in New Zealand

Bays of islandFor many vacationers, New Zealand is a dream to visit. Few destinations can compare to the many staggering natural wonders this small country packs. From snow-capped peaks, coastal glaciers, sparkling coves, fish-filled rivers, fjords and much more. Due to its dramatic topography, this country is a hotspot for adrenaline-fueled sports. Self-drive vacations are quite popular here. When you take them, be sure to fuel your car to a full tank, when you take up these mountainous terrains else you will be forced to require services similar to https://towinglexington.com/. 

New Zealand presents plenty a wide range of outdoor adventures such as lunging, white water rafting, jet boating, skydiving, heli-skiing, mountain biking, among others. But you will not be able to enjoy these sports if you do not know where they can be accessed. Here are the places to visit when you find yourself in New Zealand.

Bay of Islands

The Bays of Islands is one of the best places to in New Zealand if you want to engage in sailing, fishing, and other water sports activities. The Bay of Islands is about three hours by car from Auckland. At these islands, you can get into the water and try scuba diving. You can be ferried deep into the bay to explore a whole new underwater world. Else, you can get up close with marine life at this Bay and experience the best of marine life. You will view dolphins and whales from the boat, and if conditions are favorable, you can swim with the dolphins.

Get Adventurous on Queenstown

QueenstownQueenstown is an important town sitting on the shore of Lake Wakatipu along the dramatic alpine ranges. There’s a lot of adventurous activities that you can do in this town. There is skiing in the winter, coupled with other activities such as sky diving, jumping, jet boating, canyon swinging, horse trekking and river rafting. Queensland has also become a renowned cycling destination. The town provides everything from nice scenic tracks to back country trails. There are road rides and heli-biking.

Auckland New Zealand

Auckland is the largest and biggest city in New Zealand. It is an international air-travel hub and one of the best place to go in New Zealand. A lot of international flights arrive in New Zealand through Auckland Airport. You can spend a day or two at this city and experience the best it presents. You can orient yourself with the New Zealand culture by visiting various art galleries in this city.

Visit National Parks

New Zealand has a total of 13 national parks, including the famous ones of Tongariro, Whanganui, Egmont, Kahurangi and the Nelson Lakes National Park. When it comes to choosing which one to tour, the choice is entirely yours depending on what you want to see. When you spend time at these parks, you will begin to get a better understanding of New Zealand. These parks are high treasured and preserve their natural heritage. These parks occupy more than 30,000 square kilometers of diversity and natural scenery. They are all in wait for you to explore by foot, car, boat, and air.